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Henry J. Kaiser was an entrepreneur who was involved in many different endeavors including auto manufacturing, aluminum refining, health care, construction, and, during World War II, shipbuilding.

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Liberty Ships Kaiser built these ships during World War II.

Auto manufacturingHenry and Joe Frazer started building cars in 1946, quickly becoming a real contender in the postwar automobile market.

After leaving the passenger auto market in the United States, Kaiser - Willys built vehicles in South America .

One of Kaiser's other ventures was the aluminum business.










Here's a photo of a Kaiser Darrin pedal car body that I own. Interested in one? Email me for more information.


54Willys This is an extremely rare 1954 Willys Aero Eagle Custom. 302 were produced with the 226 engine, Hydramatic transmission and continental kit. The Willys Registry knows of 4 survivors. This car was found through an ad on the Internet, is complete and it runs.

GRAHAM-PAIGE Under the Graham-Paige name, KF marketed and sold the Rototiller Power Tiller. These one cylinder, two stroke machines, were popular, if a little hard to use. Some were equipped with reverse gears and could also be ordered with cast iron wheels.

DISHES KF even tried to market a dishwasher. This unit ran solely on water pressure and needed no electrical hookups. Needless to say, it didn't wash very well. The unit was small and unless the water was really hot and there was alot of water pressure, one ended up re-doing the dishes by hand. Many of these machines ended up in the local dump, eventually being turned into something more useful, like a new Edsel.

ADS Here is a collection of KF ads originally seen in magazines like Life, Saturday Evening Post, Colliers and others. Jim Betts has posted these ads on his site for us to enjoy. Also on his page is the KF Dealers List, a listing of Kaiser Frazer dealers by state. I have been compiling this list for over two years and have nearly 4,000 names, most of which are shown on the map. If you know of a dealer who's not on the list, please e-mail me with the dealer name, address, and dates of operation, if known. Also include any personal recollections you may have about KF or the dealer.

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A little about me...I have been in the old car hobby since I was about 6 or 7 years old. I was formerly a member of the Kaiser Frazer Owners Club. My dad, who was also member from 1964 until 1979, drove Kaisers as everyday transportation for many years. I think it was because he was too cheap to buy a new car and in the 60's and 70's Kaisers were real cheap cars! I now have several of these cars in various stages of restoration. My neighbors think I'm crazy with the constant stream of rusty metal that seems to find a home in my driveway. If you know of anyone in the Ohio area selling a Kaiser or Willys product, e-mail me and I will follow up.

I don't own a Tucker, but I have alot of memorabilia and an interest in them since they too are orphans. Alex Tremulis , the famous designer, worked for Tucker before joining Kaiser - Frazer.

 The worlds greatest kid, my daughter Jackie (OK, so the picture’s a few years old!) and her favorite car, a 1947 Frazer.

Looking for Kaiser, Frazer or Willys cars, parts or literature? Send me an email…I might be able to help!


I will be happy to answer any questions regarding Kaiser, Frazer, Willys (including Jeep and Aero), and Gravely tractors. This site is constantly being updated, so check back for more links to great sites.

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